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Stiofàn is a great actor / model who I had the pleasure of meeting when he was finishing up his shoot with my partner Phine. She generously suggested that I might like to take a few shots with Stiofàn and fortunately both he and Candace were up for it.

Heading in the other direction

One of the intriguing things about portrait photography (and acting) is be able to step away from who you are. When I suggested we try something different both Stiofàn and Candace jumped at the chance to flex their respective creative muscles and create a new photographic character for these shots. Looking over the clean aethestic of Stiofàn’s previous shoot with Phine I suggested we go in the opposite direction, i.e. glam but dark. The starting point for the make-up was that akin of Brian Molko’s from Placebo, which after scrambling through the few garments left over from the shoot before, also took in Marc Almond. By the time we finally got outside sand started shooting, all tearful eyeliner smudging downwards, we had found ourselves immersed in ‘The Crow’ – none of these being looks I was unhappy about as I’m an ardent fan of all concerned. Let’s just say I didn’t intended it to go that way. It just did. I blame the light or the lack of it.

Others who know me better will claim otherwise and they’re probably right 😉

Team Credits

Photographer: Mark Esper
Model: Stoifàn Doherty
Art Direction & Styling: Mark Esper
Make-Up & Hair: Candace Nicolle
Wardrobe: Schott Perfecto Leather Jacket

Location: Chiswick, London, W4